Discover the extensive range of our industrial foams collection. All our brands are available in a variety of different hard foams and densities to ensure that you find just the right type to suit your needs. Find your perfect foam solution below.


Our history and expertise in the foams industry allows us to produce top quality foams.This includes using the finest components to ensure that it's durable and built to stand the test of time.

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Our products have the flexibility to convert and transform to suit your needs. We have the ability to create great foams for furniture and also to help rejuvenate worn items which give you top support and comfort.

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Through innovation, research and development we have the ability to create specialty foams. Our specialty foams are used for many diverse applications including acoustics, insulation, packaging, cleaning and filtration.

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Protective Services

We provide foams and mattresses to Australian protective services including prisons and detention centres. Our foams meet the highest in fire retardancy and durability. They are designed specifically for the unique environment and requirements experienced in the prison industry.

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Sports and Recreation

We produce specialty foams used in exercise, leisure and recreation. We can work with you and your required specifications for a range of foams needed for sporting or gym accessories as well as in recreational equipment.

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Our vast experience and industry knowledge around the transport sector means we're the perfect partner for your foam manufacturing needs. For more than 40 years we have made transport related foam products in both public and private transport.

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If you want to see your concepts and ideas realised, enquire now with our specialised team to see how we can provide you with an exceptional product, to make your idea a reality.