For more than 70 years we have led the way in the business of working with foams in Australia and New Zealand. Its a unique position that ensures we are constantly innovating and developing new and better ways to manufacture and convert foam.

"Our long heritage has given us the leading edge in Australasia."

Dunlop Foams has a strong reputation for leading edge innovation and expertise. We have eight world-class manufacturing operations across Australia and New Zealand which ensure the highest quality foams are produced for our customers.

The Dunlop Legacy

Dunlop Foams harks back to the inflatable rubber tyre inventor John Boyd Dunlop (1840-1921). Back then it was all about bicycles and in 1893 the Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company opened its first factory in Melbourne.


The first Dunlopillo mattress was made by Dunlop Foams in 1931 and more than 80 years later is still being enjoyed for its comfort and feel. Revolutionary at the time, it saw a shift in demand away from innerspring mattresses to foam and latex.


Dunlop Foams becomes the first company to launch a range of branded foams. Enduro's comfort and durability have yet to be equaled. It is still one of Dunlop Foam's most popular brands and is trusted across a wide range of industries. With it's practicality and resilience, Enduro is most frequently used in commercial applications such as transport, aircraft seating, in institutional and high-security environments.


A new environmental standard. Dunlop Foams is the first Australian foam manufacturer to eliminate the use of ozone depleting CFCs.


Dunlop Foams set up the continuing partnership with Ultra Fresh to incorporate antimicrobial protection in our foams. Ultra Fresh is a product which helps keep foams cleaner and healthier by stopping destructive microbes such as dust mites and other bacteria that trigger allergies and asthma.


Dunlop Foams became a corporate supporter of the National Asthma Council and its Sensitive Choice Blue Butterfly programme. This programme works in the community to create awareness and provide information about asthma.


Dunlop Foams achieved GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) Eco-label certification with 23 grades of Dunlop foams. The certificate is a worldwide industry standard for products and services that adhere to their high environmental performance standards.


Dunlop Foams proudly teamed up with the Australian Paralympic team to supply athletes with foam accessories for travel to and from the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The future

We are one of Australasia's leading producers of polyurethane flexible slab stock foam and we manufacture right here in Australia. With our rich history and our groundbreaking technology, we aim to be the foam provider of choice for all your needs.

If you want to see your concepts and ideas realised, enquire now with our specialised team to see how we can provide you with an exceptional product, to make your idea a reality.